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Welcome to Free the freckles, where I love to write about anything that comes to my mind, with no taboo. I’m 23, I’ve got freckles (you get it now) and I’m a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio. Besides that, there is not much that you need to know about me. Except that his blog has seen is first day back in 2017, and I'm proud that I manage to keep it that long.


What did I read this month ? #3

The last two months have been quite poor in term of books. In June and July, I only managed to read 4 books entirely. Life gets in the way and I have to say that I wasn't feeling like reading. Summer is not the best time of the year for me to have the motivation to read even if the time is here. But I decided to read way more in August and I managed to read 11 books. I'm going to talk about a few of them today.

Outlander #1 by D. Gabaldon
After loving the show a lot, I decided to read the book. Yes, I always do quite the opposite when you're supposed to read the book before and not after. However, knowing the story spoiled everything, yes, but it did help me to not get mixed up with the characters. It also helped me to visualize the characters and the settings. 

I was agreeably surprised to see that the show was true to the book. The book did not give much more information, therefore I did not discover anything, but I still liked the book. It's beautifully written and the characters, well at least for Claire and Jamie, are really modern. I love how Claire is depicted as a strong and capable women, strong headed and understanding. She adds so much to the story: peps, modernity, a feminine point of view, feelings, strength and so many abilities. I like to read about women like that, it's empowering. As for Jamie, I loved how he evolves. He is strong minded as well, a bit brutal and barbarian sometimes but still, he is modern and intelligent. They are not stereotypes and I love that about them!

As for the history itself, I found it so interesting. There is a bit of fantasy in there, but without being too much, just enough to add to the mystic atmosphere of the Highlands of Scotland. Everything is well put together and it's so intelligent as a whole. Stories like that, as big the book is, are always worth reading. I can only recommend the book, knowing the show already or not. Now, I have to read the 9 other books...

The anxiety solution by C. Brotheridge
This is probably the book that I wanted to read the most for years. The title was exciting for me as I'm struggling with anxiety. Of course, I was not expecting it to cure it, but I was looking forward reading more about anxiety and be more at peace with it.

BUT. Yes, there is a but. I disliked this book. Reading it made me think about my own anxiety issue and therefore made me anxious. It's quite paradoxical, but this book did not help me in nothing. I don't like self-help book in general, this one adds to this list. I hate when they take examples of other people who struggle a lot and became a miracle because they did one thing to change their life. I mean, if we would do the advice that self-help books give (eat healthy, do a sport, love yourself, etc.), life would be so perfect, isn't it? I'm tired of those advice that you can read everywhere. 

In the end, I don't really know what I expected about this book, probably feel concern and connected. However, it was not the case. Sometime, people who write those book should think not only about those who struggle A LOT with anxiety, but also about people who don't struggle that much but would like to live more free from anxiety. For me, this book was not helping.


Becoming by Michelle Obama 

Anne of the Green Gables #1 by L.M. Montgomery
Guess who has seen the show before reading the book: me, again. To my defense, I did not know that the show was based on books. I was so happy to grab the first one as Anne with an E is probably one of my favorite show ever (I was even happier when I saw that there were so many books to the series!).

Well, I did like the first book. I loved Anne and her view on the world. Seeing things through her eyes is fantastic even though she can be quite... too much. But she is such a likable character that we have to feel sorry or happy for her. The setting is also wonderful with all of these details (but not too many!) about the place. Her relationship with Marilla and Matthew is beautiful, they are all imperfect but so true to themselves. 

However, I was disappointed to see how quickly the story is told. In the space of one book, we have 4 years! And adding to that, we have less details than in the show. Many things are different (and better sometimes), but many things are missing. We don't have that many details of her time at school or with her friend. And her non-relationship with Gilbert is so disappointing, I was expecting to see more of those two. Yet, I loved her relationship with Diana. Those two are so genuine towards each other and so devoted that it is only inspiring. Now, I'm excited to read the following book to see what's next!

7 ans après... by Guillaume Musso
As French, I'm probably one of the only person in France who has read only one of his books. I don't even remember what is was about or if I liked it a lot or not. And this one was sitting on my "to read" list for years that I had to read it at some point. Well, let me tell you: I do not understand why people like his books so much. This one was so simple, so easy, so boring. We guess the end of the story from the beginning. Zero characters are likable and I did not count the number of stereotypes in this book. The description is boring and worth of an amateur, it's not modern, long and not worth it. 

This guy who lives in New York with half of his family (oh yes, when they got separated with his ex-wife, they shared their twins between them. I mean, who does that?) is the most annoying character of all. He is stuck in the 19th century and is the perfect stereotypes of misogyny. His son (the one who doesn't live with him) as disappeared and he has to find him with his ex-wife, whom he dislikes (of course). From that, they got themselves into deep shit. After that, everything is just predictable. Well, boring. There are so many things left being and I'm not even going to talk about the end that was just crap. I'm just sad that so many people like this kind of writing when there is nothing special about it.

What have you read this month? 

Oh and yeah, none of the books in those photos are the one mentioned here.

Becoming by Michelle Obama: the book review

I don’t tend to read biography somehow, it’s not the sort of book I want to read if I don’t know what to read. However, Michelle Obama’s is one I was interested in reading. I mean, she was the wife of the US president, so I supposed she had something interesting to say. Obviously at that point, I haven’t understood yet that she was far more than a first lady.

I have not had a great start with this book. Of course, she had to talk about her childhood, but I was so impatient to read about her adult life that I put the book aside for a few months. I picked it up again and I wished it was even longer… This book is great! It is interesting, engaging, informing, inspiring, you name it. I was so surprised by so many things in this book; I think everyone wanting to know a bit more the Obama’s should read “Becoming”.

I saw far more in Michelle Obama than a wife of someone. We understand throughout the book that she made her way to the top all by herself. As she said proudly, she is from the South side of Chicago and had not been granted with privileges from the start, at all. Plus, being a black girl/woman in the 70s-80s America was not something easy as well, we all know that. But, she climbs the ladder through education, she is smart and able to do something great with her life, which she does. Then, she meets a certain Barack Obama which will become the love of her life.


The thing that astonished me the most was her first opinion on Barack’s choices regarding politics. She said many times that she, herself, was not into politics at all. Therefore, she did not support his idea of running for any political job at all. Of course, she changed her mind and support him fully during his two presidential terms, and that’s admirable. She is understanding towards his choices that affect not him only but Michelle and their two young daughters. But, she is a strong woman that is able to support her husband, be a good mother and continue fulfilling her life as a woman and as a successful working woman.

When it comes to the part during the eight years of presidency, I was so inspired by her. She describes everything not as a politician (of course), but as a “normal” woman being pushed forward towards the public eyes, being suddenly the wife of the US president. It could have been anyone, we feel that. She was not trained to be in that position, but she did a hell of a great job at it! Throughout the pages, she tells us her role has a mother in the White House, her role has a wife which is not always easy, and her role has the First Lady. Having her background, we know pretty quickly that she’s not going to be just a pretty smile next to her husband. She wants to be more. Her dedication with women and especially women in the minorities is inspiring. She put a lot of time and effort leaving the doors she opened stay open for others after her. She becomes a role model: if she did it, so can we. That’s what the book inspired to. She is just a normal woman who had an extraordinary journey, which does not mean it’s impossible.

I would recommend this book if you are interested to know more about her, her family, her career, but also if you want a bit more insight of the White House. I learnt many things and I found so many normality and humanity in her way of doing things there that it shifted my opinion on the life there. Anyway, tell me now, have you read it yet? What did you think of it?

I'm not shy, I'm quiet

I read that in someone’s bio the other day and I thought it was brilliant. It pointed a finger on something simple but also something that many people struggle to understand or even notice. Being quiet does not mean that you are shy. But, why do people always put them in the same box?

I’ve read or heard many things about being shy, introverted, calm, quiet… you name it! They all seem to work together even though every person is unique and different. But, they are all put in this negative box that people create. If you are just one of this thing, well too bad for you, you are on the wrong side, right? I felt that when I read one of those self-help books telling you that being an introvert is not that bad, but still making you feel like you are on the wrong side because being an extrovert is better… Here, 15 good things about not being the centre of attention. Bullshits.

I talk about this quite often here, but it’s something I’m always working on. I consider myself as an introvert and calm person. I’d rather listen and talk when I have something good to say rather than forcing myself to talk just for the sake of it. I prefer a small number of people around me, otherwise I’m quite mentally and physically drained. And for a long time, I thought I was wrong. But actually, who cares? Really, who cares that you are more calm and quiet than other? Who is really noticing it and has a problem with it? Probably only you if it’s the only thing that you see. People are just going to understand that you are that way and are totally accepting it, and if they don’t, well move around. There’s plenty of people to meet. But accepting ourselves takes a very long time, until you found the right people to tell you that it’s okay and that you are not alone. Everyone is different.

Another thing is that I’ve always considered myself as shy. I was a very shy child, not talking very much. I could be very outgoing with people close to me, and I still can be like that, but I was very shy. And I still thought I was shy, until I talk about it a bit with my boyfriend. He is possibly the person that knows me the best, and he just told me that I was not shy. What a shock for me it made. I was not actually shy anymore, I am more of a reserved one.

I remember the very moment I decided to stop being shy (yes, it started with a simple decision, very easy). I heard or read someone giving the best piece of advice I’ve ever had. It was very simple and probably obvious for some people, but for me it was life changing. Here it is: “When someone speaks to you or ask you a question, don’t just answer with one word (yes or no), give more details, and develop your answer even just a bit”. And let me tell you, it made a difference. I still have this in mind today when I’m with people I don’t really know and it works. It pushes you to talk, to go out of your comfort zone and makes you actually more interesting (I mean, let’s be honest, who wants to talk to someone with zero conversation and who has only “yes” and “no” words in their vocabulary?) so that people will make you talk more and more. Then, I made a few big jumps in my life that changed me and here I am. Not shy anymore? Well I don’t know. I feel quite comfortable when speaking to someone, I surely don’t like to be with plenty of people I don’t know, but I’m happy to talk to new people without having shaky hands or a very low voice.

Anyway, I only wanted to jump on this occasion to talk a bit more on this topic when I saw this person’s bio. You can be shy or quiet or reserved or anything, it doesn’t make you a bad person or less than someone else. Nobody would want a world with only loud and outgoing people, what good would that do? We are here, alive, with our own personalities; so let’s accept what we are instead of changing our personalities for the sake of other people who actually don’t care. 

Freckles and redhead

When I was younger, I remember asking my mom quite a few times when my freckles would be gone. She said to me that they’ll probably leave when I grow up, like most kids. It was the case for her, and nobody in my family had freckles, so I did not really understand why I had them. I became really annoyed by it when I had more and more of them growing up. I tried to hide them because they did not seem to leave my face as my mom told me. Plus, my hair was turning more ginger than before. This, with my pale skin was too much, I did not accept anything. I just thought, like most people, that it was not the good way to look pretty. That I could not wear green, that I had to put make up to hide my freckles because it was quite rare = not the right way to look. I just told anyone that would listen that my hair was not red so I was not like redheaded people. It’s bullshits, right?

Now I’m older, a bit wiser, and I bloody love my freckles. Thanks to them, my skin feels alive and not so pale. I love my thick-almost-ginger hair and glad that I never see someone with the same hair colour (oh yes, it’s pride that you see here, no shame!). I understood that there is not just one way to look, I’m not interested anymore in looking like every girl in the street.

But, the thing is, what made me want to write this blog post today is the whole trend thing. First of all, I don’t judge anyone here. Everyone is doing what they want and that’s fine. I’m just putting my finger on something I saw and according to me, is worth being talked about. The trend I’m talking about is more about hair colour and make-up. I’m sure you’ve all seen people on the internet drawing fake freckles on their face, or changing their hair to red. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but somehow, I still feel a bit … pissed? Well yes, we all spend our childhood/teens hearing that having freckles is not pretty as it means you have red hair, which is even less pretty ( = you are smelly or are a witch – lovely). I was not really mocked or anything, I’m just saying what I have always heard. So when the new trend now is to look like the people that you mocked, well it’s a bit annoying. What was something that made you different and weird is now the thing to be.

It made me think about the power of trends. Yes, power. When something is trendy, it put this thing above anything else and basically says “this is the new way to be, follow it or not, it still will be”, but only for a moment. Trends are strong, powerful, but ephemeral. What was once the opposite of cool can be the new way to be years later. And that’s cool, we all follow trends somehow, or at least choose which ones to follow, but we do. I just think it’s quite tricky to keep up while trying to look original or yourself. Well, I’m curious to know your opinion on trends!

Oh, and you see those really cool photos? One of my really talented friend took them the other day and because they are so great, I had to share them here as well. You can follow and see her work here!

The tattooist of Auschwitz : the book review

Other than books or writing, I am very curious and passionate about history. There are some periods that I found fascinating and full of details to learn about. WW2 is one of those periods. There is something about this war that makes it very interesting to me, there is always something new to learn about. Unfortunately, it is also a very, very, dark time. Therefore, when I heard about “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” based on a true story about this man that went to the camp, I knew I had to read it. And so I did, pretty quickly.

The story:
WW2. The Nazis are deporting Jews from all around Europe to camps. Here, we follow Lale, who is deported to Auschwitz. Lale is intelligent and different, is going to be the tattooist and is going to mark thousands of other Jews with a number. A simple number that will mark them for life. One day, he tattoos Gita, another prisoner of the camp, he falls in love with her. What follows is a sort of traffic to have more food, to see each other and make plans for the future. They try to have hope despite the horrific events that occur. They witness the great horror of the war and do their best to survive at least one more day.

We follow their love, what they do to be together, what they have to do in order to survive. It is a war story, but first of all, it is a love story.

My review:

Obviously, I was not expecting a beautiful story with a happy ending. I knew it was going to be sad and hopeless, but somehow it was different from what I expected. It was sad and heart-breaking, but the beauty of the story was in the love story between the protagonist and a woman in the camp.

In this book, I did not just see the horrors of the camps and the cruelty of the Nazis. I saw the solidarity between the prisoners, the bravery of everyone to stay alive one more day, and love. Love between the prisoners that need one another to survive, to have hope, to have a reason to stay alive and continue until… until something that will help them. Love between two characters who fall in love despite being treated as less than human, despite being deprived of what makes them human beings. Love between groups of people that don’t know anything about each other, but will learn and accept the other one. I saw bravery in many acts in this book, intelligence and hope for a better future.

I’m not gonna spoil the end of this book even if you know what happens in history. I’ll only say that this book is a great lesson of acceptance towards other people that might be different from you. And also, a great lesson about love.


Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretend to love.

Emma Watson

Actress and Feminist

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.

Rebecca West

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I used to think that freedom was being not attached to anything. I've been working on redefining that, that freedom is not about being not attached to people. You can still be free when people love you.

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