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Welcome to Free the freckles, where I love to write about anything that comes to my mind, with no taboo. I’m 22, I’ve got freckles (you get it now) and I’m a grumpy French, sometimes, who writes in English. I love books, cats, le barbu, pizzas and Dicaprio. Besides that, there is not much that you need to know about me. Except that his blog has seen is first day back in 2017, and I'm proud that I manage to keep it that long.


A bit of a catch up

Okay, it’s been weeks since I haven’t posted anything here or on social media. Everything is fine, but you know, I spend most of my time at uni, reading (for uni), working and cuddling the barbue during the weekends so there is not much time left for anything. But I love this blog, I love writing and sharing my thoughts. I really have to make an effort about my presence online. It’s not enough sometimes, even for me, to only post when I’ve got the time. I have to make time for this blog (= stop watching friends in the evenings and star writing more here). And I miss being here. I’m used to hear and speak English all the time during my classes, but actually writing down my thoughts in English here is so much more valuable and exteriorizing. It’s the same for instagram. I haven’t posted anything in weeks and I really have to change this. It’s autumn, the following weeks are going to be extra beautiful outside with the change of weather so I really have to win back this inspiration I’ve been missing for months now. The thing is, there is so much good stuff out there that sometimes it’s hard to be content of what we produce, like it’s not good or perfect enough. I love being inspired, but it can be so tiring sometimes. As much as I wanted to come here more often, I have to say, it’s been nice to spend time without being always online and checking instagram every hour. It can be overwhelming very quickly. But uni starting again was also a good thing. I didn’t get the chance to do everything as planned (crossing fingers for next year though) but the courses I have are very interesting and the beginning of a new year always inspires me. And of course, we are now officially in the best months of the year with crispy mornings and Halloween/Christmas (OH YES) coming soon.


Anyway, I wanted to use this post to talk to you about some good things I’ve been listening, reading, etc. at the moment. They all worth it. First of all, let me talk about Chris’ new album. It’s been years now since I’ve discovered Christine and the Queens (back then), I have seen here in London for her first album and I absolutely fell in love with her personality, what she shows, how she talks and move and sing. She is so interesting and talented. So obviously, I had to love her new album, which is quite different, but as good as the previous one. If you get a chance, listen to it, it’s great! An other French goody is this podcast: Entre nos lèvres. Let me tell you, it’s a good one (alright, pause here : I've just discovered that one of the host had a blog which I was obsessed about, I love it even more). It’s probably my favourite podcast at the moment (or ever?). Why? Because it talks about a topic that no one really speaks about online (or nowhere): sex. Yes, it’s great, interesting and it’s easy to recognize our own experiences in the people’s story. I have already learnt new things. The other great thing about this podcast is how common and ‘normal’ those people are, it can be anyone and it’s great to talk about a subject that everyone experience but never really say anything about it (I might give a try about this subject in the future, it’s really interesting). On another note, I listen to Estée’s new podcast. I’m obsess with her and everything she does so I had to (already) love her new podcast. She knows how to inspire people, help them with a simple conversation, be real and honest and cool at the same time. You should go and give it a try.

Alright, I guess that’s all for today. It might be the first blog post of many to come. I’ve got ideas, topic I want to talk about and develop with you. I’ve got books to read and again, to talk about. I’ve got autumn to be inspired and trips to come, recipes to share even. I’m really excited to come here again and be final present with a content that I’m happy with. So I’ll see you all very soon.

PS: The photos are from last November in Paris. I had to put the one I haven't shared yet because they reflect such a lovely aspect of autumn. Now I just want to go back ...

Why books are such a part of me

The other day I talked about how writing was so important to me as I do it daily and it became a part of me now. Of course, I have to link this to my love for literature. It has to go together at they both use words to make me feel better, to make me feel lighter and less anxious. Like writing, reading has always been a part of me. Before knowing how to read, I would just invent myself the story of the book. I really was desperate to know how to read as I saw my mom reading a lot. We always had these big bookshelves (in plural, yes) where my mom put all of her books and I always liked to watch them for a long time. Yes, it might be weird, but I just couldn’t wait to read them all and have some of my own. It’s actually the only thing I want in my dream house: a gigantic bookshelf (and a fireplace, of course + a cat).


However, my relationship (if I can say so) with books has not always been pretty. At some point, I thought that reading and loving books was a very uncool thing (high school, you know). Nobody seemed to read as much as me back then, or at least no one was talking about it. I even felt stupid to read entirely the classic books that we had to read for school. I didn't enjoy them, but the idea of not finishing a book was out of the question (it's still is today). The thing is, everyone else always told that they never started or finished those books. So, I felt stupid, a bit weird also to like something that everybody seemed to dislike. But at the end of the day, the thing I didn't understand was why nobody liked reading or saying so. Everyone who enjoyed a book they've read in their life knows how amazing this feeling is. Reading every words of it and being almost sad when it's over. But again, nobody talked about those things, it was simply uncool. Someone who read a book during lunch time or any break was seen as a "weirdo" or someone to not be friend with.

One day I just say stop to all of that and I started to be very proud of myself for being such a book lover. Libraries and bookshop started to be my favorite place to be at and I couldn't deny any more something I loved so much. Especially something that brings so much to one's people's life. You learn new words, your imagination works all the time and you can just relax for a moment. How could I say no to that just for the sake of doing like everyone.

Now, I’m the proud owner of many books that I will never get rid of, even the ones I don’t like. They all have a sentimental values and memories. I’m not someone who has a particular love for material things, but books have definitely a sentimental value to me. I love knowing nothing about a book and just falling in love with it. It’s something powerful and I truly understand that it can be for everyone. People don’t like to read as other don’t like to play football, that’s all. I just wished that I was a bit braver in high school without hiding what I really liked. Reading is not uncool, at all. It doesn’t make you a certain way or weird. It’s just a thing that people like to do.

5 good things #1

There isn't enough positivism in this world, so another post about positive things seems to be a good idea. And I had a lot last week as it was also my birthday (yeay!). So here are five things that made me feel great lately.

1. I bake, something I wanted to do for quite some time: a lemon pie with meringue on top. I did take me a long time to do it, but I'm happy that I did everything right, without being stressed or irritated. Even if the meringue tasted like caramel, it was good!
2. The other day, we went biking in the countryside with my dad. It has been years since I did that with him and I loved it so much. Everything was so peaceful and calming, resourceful. I feel like this is where I belong, in the middle of the woods with nothing else, but the sound of the river and birds (and the sound of my brake because I'm a scaredy cat when it goes too fast).

3. As I mentioned, it was my birthday last week and I celebrated it with my family (minus the barbu, sad time) and it was lovely. I tend to forget how precious it is to have a family and how nice time with them can be.

4. I was lucky to have books as presents and I really like this one by David Foenkinos, Nos séparations. He is one of my favorite French author as I read many of his books. This one is no disappointment to his writing style and how romantic and lovely his stories are.

5. I finally have a blender which means that I finally can do smoothies and soups (fun fact: I'm a grandma). I have been looking for multiple recipes online, but if you have good recommendation for me, please share.

Rumbling of a 22-year-old

Today, I’m 22. I’m wondering what the heck could I write to “mark” this day on the blog, but I can’t find anything. I’ve got plenty of ideas about what to write about next, but nothing for today. It’s supposed to be my day, all about me in a way, but still, I can’t even seem to be able to write about me on this day. It’s like I’m not legitimate, like this whole blog isn’t. Talking about yourself on a blog isn’t something comfortable. But this is why I like it so much, it challenges me to write about the things deep down, about what makes me me, what’s in my mind and heart. And wow, I’ve got so much to say for quite some time so I hope you’re not bored with me just yet. But today, I’m forcing myself to put a bit more of me on this blog.

The barbu took this photos of me the other day. We were in a café and he spontaneously took these shoots (how comfortable that was, you have noooo idea). I hated most of the photos because I looked grumpy (= my resting bitch face), but not these two (well, he liked them very much so I began to like them myself). I didn’t know what to do with them so I thought about posting them on the blog for once. There is not much photo of me here as I prefer photographing other people or things (or cats). So this is, again, a challenge to put my face on here. 

It's crazy that I feel this way, not being comfortable to talk about me on a blog, which is mine. This is my corner of the internet and I can write and post whatever I want, with people who could read what I write, or not. But still, I sometimes struggle to truly write about what I want. I'm also looking again and again at this photo and wonder if they are "good" enough to be put online. I guess what makes me love them is the moment they were taken, the look on my face while watching that hairy guy I love so much. It's also me being scared of the bees around us (the muffins on that café are that good) or his way of looking at me. All of these little things that made me happy in that very moment. So, it doesn't really matter if I look pretty or not in this photos, right? I just love them in their own way as I love this blog because it allows me to share my thoughts and opinion, to express myself in my favorite way, to challenge and love myself a bit more further. All of these things that I'm grateful on my 22th birthday. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna try to not eat that many cakes and I will see you very soon...

The birthday wish list : 50 books I want to read

I'm not a complicated person when it comes to gifts. It's simple, if I could only have books, I'll be the happiest (even if I'm not against a nice lipstick...). There are so many good books out there that I'm craving to read, so instead of doing a wish list for my birthday of things I don't need and don't really want, I thought it would be better to do a list (after doing a big reorganizing in excel, YES, me!) of 50 books I really want to read at the moment.

The anxiety solution by C. Brotheridge
She must be mad by C. Cox
The sun and her flowers by R. Kaur
Les joies d'en bas by N. Brochmann
Culottées tome 1 by P. Bagieu
107 ans by Diastème
Les gros mots : abécédaire joyeusement moderne (...) by C. Edgard-Rosa
What a time to be alone by C. Eggerue
Elle s'appelait Sarah by T. D. Rosnay
The feminine mystique by B. Friedan
Call me by your name by S. Aciman
L'égoïste romantique by F. Beigbeder
I don't know what to do with good white people by B. Bennett
Why I am not a feminist by J. Crispin
Headscarves and hymens by M. Eltahawy
The multi-Hypen method by E. Gannon
Bad feminist by R. Gay
La fille qui lisait dans le métro by C. Féret-Fleury
La lettre écarlate by N. Hawthorne
Feel the fear and do it anyway by S. Jeffers
Le plus petit baiser jamais recensé by M. Malzieu
Le trône de fer, tome 3 by G.R.R. Martin
How to build a girl by C. Moran
Libres! by Ovidie
Le grand mystère des règles by J. Parker
We need to talk about Kevin by L. Shriver
You are a badass by J. Sincero
Cordialy Invited by Z. Sugg (not out yet...)
Ceci est mon sang by E. Thiébaut
The hate U give by A. Thomas

Pussy, a reclamation by R. Thomashauer
The little black book by O. Uwagba
101 Essays that will change the way you think  by ?
Les règles ... quelle aventure!  by ?
Dear Ijewele, or a feminist Manifesto in 15 suggestions by C.N. Adichie
Lyrebird by C. Ahern
Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by B. Alire Saenz
The heart goes last by M. Atwood
Girl up by L. Bates
La fille qui lisait dans le métro by C. Féret-Fleury
It only happens in the movies by H. Bourne
How to be a grown up by D. Buchanan
Girlhood by C. Clarke
The gender game by J. Dawson
Room by E. Donoghue
I love you too much by A. Drake
Not that kind of girl by L. Dunham
Miracle morning by H. Elrod
Heartburn by N. Ephron
Backlash: la guerre froide contre les femmes by S. Faludi

Okay so now, if you had no idea what to read, here at 50 books ideas for you. Some of them are in French, other are foreign. Some of them are on this list for years, some of them were added yesterday. Of course, I couldn't post all of the +150 books on this list, but this sample is a good start.

So tell me, how many of those have your read? Do you recognize some of them that are also on your reading list? 


Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretend to love.

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I used to think freedom was being not attached to anything. I’ve been working on redefining that, that freedom is not about being not attached to people. You can still be free when people love you.

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